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Providing oxygen kits and equipment for Nigerians that cannot afford it.

COVID-19 Medical Kits Fundraise with BOAT by LifeBank

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Due to restrictions in movement and high cost of purchase, there are families that need protection against COVID-19 but cannot afford it. 

You can change that story with your donations. 

Your donation will give families access to medical equipment like oxygen kits and ventilators in order to fight and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, and give Nigeria hope.

We have partnered with BOAT by LifeBank to oversee the management and distribution of these medical supplies. 

We are providing support in these areas: 

AirBank Oxygen Delivery in Partnership with LifeBank 

AirBank by LifeBank is an on-demand emergency and scheduled oxygen delivery. 

Oxygen therapy is one of the major treatment interventions for patients with coronavirus.

As the virus attacks the lungs, it becomes harder for patients to get enough oxygen into their bloodstream to support their kidneys, liver, and heart. The oxygen will be delivered in a customized mini truck or bike with the ability to preserve the oxygen and ensure that it is delivered in the right condition to prevent a fire outbreak. This delivery will also include oxygen kits such as pulse oximeters, regulators e.t.c. We need support to expand our oxygen delivery to include the use of trucks to deliver larger cylinders (3 cubic metres and 6 cubic metres)

Quip in Partnership with LifeBank 

Quip is a national register that makes needed medical equipment (Respirators, defibrillators, ICU beds) for treatment and management of COVID19 available to hospitals. This national repository is for hospitals to list their unused equipment and rent it out to those that might need it to help combat the COVID19 outbreak. 

During our calls to hospitals, we found a few broken ventilators and we are keen to get these fixed. We need engineers to help fix these broken ventilators.

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