Crowdyvest Donate is our response to supporting each other during times of crisis and to give our Nation hope, because we are all we’ve got.

Crowdyvest does not make a margin or charge a management fee from monies raised on “Crowdyvest Donate.” You will also be able to see the progress on the progress bar as donations are being raised on the platform and all donations will be handed over to organizations in charge of these causes.

The donations will be given to organizations that oversee the causes and followed up to ensure funds are used judiciously.

We are starting with the COVID-19 Medical Kits Fundraise and COVID-19 Food Drive Fundraise. More will be featured as the causes are identified. If you have any causes that you will like us to consider, please email us at [email protected]

We want to be as transparent as possible so we have requested that the foundations we partner with provide us with periodic updates that will be published on our Updates page and will be accessible to you. If you have more specific questions, you will be able to email each foundation directly as there will be emails tied to each report.

This is not a sponsorship opportunity as there will be no returns. This is strictly a non-profit, humanitarian cause. To sponsor projects that earn you a return, visit

Crowdyvest is a fintech platform that provides impact driven opportunities for people to increase their finances and contribute to economic growth.

Crowdyvest is working with reputable groups and foundations to ensure utmost transparency. Only those that need the donations depending on the causes, will have access to it. These include medical supplies, food, cash, educational materials among others.